Winds of Change

Our trio ‘Winds of Change’ came about in 2021 as a result of the catastrophic impact of Covid on the music industry. Without any playing based work and missing our colleagues, we met up to make ‘Music with Humans’ and set about playing the fantastic Poulenc trio for oboe, bassoon and piano. We then started dabbling with lots of repertoire and various combinations of instruments which gave us the idea for the name of our group. We were soon employed by the outreach organisations Live Music Now and SoundStorm and have been busily filling in our diaries with performances in schools, care homes and concert venues.

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We now arrange lots of different types of music for our group, so that we can appeal to kids and adults alike and are currently working on a Christmas program for a couple of concerts this December. Because of the versatility of our group, with two of us able to provide the piano accompaniment to bass and treble melodies we can pretty much play anything!

Having realised that between us we cover most of the main characters in the story Peter and the Wolf, we recently arranged it to suit our set up with the intention that audiences could discover most of the key instruments and enjoy the great music and story, without venues and schools having to pay for a full symphony orchestra.

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If your school, care home, hospital, wedding, concert venue etc would enjoy hearing music tailored to your needs, or any of the music mentioned above, please do get in contact using the methods on the right.

To see and hear us in action follow this link to Facebook: